According to the Canadian Bureau of International Education, over 330 000 international students have come to study in Canada in 2014 as Canada continues to offer top quality education in a safe, welcoming and diverse environment. A study permit, also referred to as a Student Visa, allows an individual to study in Canada for a specific period of time and also offers them the possibility to extend their stay upon the completion of their studies and potentially work or remain in Canada as a permanent resident.

In order to be able to apply for a study permit, a potential student must obtain and present a letter of acceptance from a designated learning institution demonstrating that he or she will in fact be studying at the selected school and has been duly accepted to study at the chosen education institution. Each institution receives the designation from the province in which they are located, attesting that they are open to welcoming international students. A complete list of accredited post-secondary institutions who welcome international students can be found on the Canada Immigration and Citizenship website: CIC.

In addition to presenting an accredited institution’s letter of acceptance, it is also required that:

  1. The applicant be able to prove that he or she have enough money to pay for tuition fees as well as living expenses for themselves and any family members who come along with them to Canada for the duration of their stay.
  2. The applicant be a law-abiding citizen with no criminal record. A police certificate may be required in certain circumstances.
  3. The applicant be in good health and willing to complete a medical exam if necessary.

Please note that a study permit is NOT required if the potential student wishes to study in Canada for a period of six months or less or the total duration of the program for which he or she applies has a duration of six months or less.

In addition to obtaining a study permit, students from non-visa exempt countries who wish to enter Canada for study purposes must also apply for and secure a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV). The Temporary Resident Visa is issued by a Canadian Immigration Visa Office in the applicant’s respective country of origin and demonstrates that the individual has satisfied the requirements for admission to Canada as a temporary visitor for the duration of the validity of the student permit.

Please note that if you wish to study in Montreal or elsewhere in the Province of Quebec, additional certifications will be required from the government of Quebec.

Once admitted to Canada as a student, you may be eligible to renew or extend your study permit, work in Canada under certain conditions and apply for permanent residency in order to continue living and working in Canada upon the completion of your studies.

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